Small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux

It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment (but not limited to).

TéléchargerVersion actuelle : 0.361

Back to full time development.

Sunflower is back on track with development and releases. It took a while for me to get my head back up from work but it happened.

Context menus for tabs have already been redesigned to fit new user interface guidelines. Sessions tab has been refurbished as well.

Priority right now is finishing GTK3 migration which is well under way. Today new location menu structure has been pushed. I plan on unifying bookmarks, mounts, history and other similar lists into single interface which simple and easy to use. After this menu is completed all that remains is breadcrumbs and then ironing out bugs. I can smell a release coming soon! Stay tuned!


Stabilization for GTK3 version.

Tomorrow GTK 3.22 is being released. This is a huge step towards releasing GTK3 version of Sunflower as stable release of this library has been eagerly awaited. GTK developers have made a public statement that 3.22 will be a long term support release. This provides an excellent target to support.

Up to this point, previous versions have been changing all the time and in many cases causing delays in release of new Sunflower version. As many distributions will not receive 3.22 anytime soon plan is to keep support for GTK2 version of Sunflower for at least another year. It will not receive major features as that would require a lot of work, but bug fixes will get back-ported.


Version 0.3 (build 61)

This version only fixes issues with removing files when confirmation dialog is disabled. If you don't have this issue, there's no need to upgrade.


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