Progress on GTK3, Python3 and new version.

I've been silent for far too long. For that I owe all of Sunflower users an apology. For a long time work has taken more of my free time than I care to admit. However, those of you who follow repositories probably noticed some increase in activity there recently. Issues have started getting resolved and with each commit we are nearing to the now long delayed 0.4 version.

Move to GTK3 has been largely completed. I am taking this opportunity to improve user interface a bit since new version of GTK+ offers a lot more flexibility in providing simple interface without removing any functionality. Along the way, with the news of Python 2.x being supported until 2020, we took the opportunity to switch to Python 3.x which was painless for the most part. I have also created support for making a single Sunflower standalone executable. Not really a needed functionality but it might prove useful to people whose distribution is not yet supported and/or don't want to install something in system directories.

Currently the biggest issue we are facing is with keyboard shortcuts and some copy/paste functionality as those seem to be broken upstream and reaching right people to report this is proving harder than I though.

All in all, Sunflower is still here, still being developed. If you'd wish to give a new version a go, I'd appreciate that as bug reports are more than welcome and testing is really needed for this new version.

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